Daily Announcements


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Today is a BLUE Day 




* Reminder:  All lockers should have a lock and be locked at all times!

* Please check Lost & Found in the Main Office if you have lost any eye glasses, headphones, phones and/or jewelry!!

* Just a reminder that all school breakfast and lunch meals will be served free of charge until the end of the year.  This is only for meals and does not include a la carte or snacks.

If students are having technology troubles, they can contact the IT Help Desk through our website at https://www.wcsdk12.org/departments/technology.

* If your child is sick or needs to miss a class for a doctor/dentist appointment, please call the MS Attendance Office at x21521 or fill out the form at https://ms.wcsdk12.org/about-us/attendance/middle-school-attendance-form.

Middle School Schedule 
Period Start Time End Time
1 7:28 8:16
2 8:19 9:02
3 9:05 9:48
4 9:51 10:34
5 10:37 11:07
6 11:10 11:20
7 11:23 11:53
8 11:56 12:06
9 12:09 12:39
10 12:42 1:25
11 1:28 2:11




* If you are interested in joining a Middle School club, please see the list of club descriptions below with the Google Class Code to join the virtual meeting.

Odyssey of the Mind:  This is a creative problem-solving competition that allows students to work together to come up with collaborative, fun solutions to interesting situations. Teams of seven are given a set of requirements and guidelines and must develop, build, write, create, and perform their solutions for a panel of judges. 

Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Try outs going on now
How?                   Google Classroom Code:  
Advisors:              Mrs. Leonard and Ms. LaPolla
Yearbook Club:  Students work collaboratively to design and facilitate the production of the Middle School yearbook.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Sign-ups are starting now
Advisor:                Mrs. Leonard
Student Council:  The purpose of the Student Council is to provide an avenue for students to address school issues, generate ideas for solutions, and collaborate with teachers, administrators and staff to improve student life.  Students will participate in school wide elections, a representative style council and interactions with school officials.  Members will also be able to participate in council supported events. 
Who?                   Representatives will be selected by team and by grade level
When?                 Tuesdays
How?                   Team representatives will receive a Google Meet Invitation
Advisor:                Mr. Forrester
Wizards Care: Students will have fun working on school and community projects.  In the past, Wizards care have worked to raise awareness for Cancer research and have raised and donated money to the Make A Wish Foundation.  Students also seek opportunities to support those in need right here in our school community.
Who?                  Open to all grade levels
When?                Wednesdays
How?                  Google Classroom Code:  
Advisor:               Mrs. Brooks
Science Club:  This club aims to promote an interest in the sciences, to experience the sciences above and beyond the classroom setting.  Students will be able to explore different career paths in the sciences and be inspired to continue their education in science electives as they continue on to the High School.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 First Meeting: Wednesday, October 6th
How?                   Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:               Mrs. T. Hagan
Drama Club: Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about all aspects of theater. This includes acting, vocal performance, choreography, improvisation, character development, set building, theatrical lighting and sound, and costume and makeup design.
Who?                  Open to all grade levels
When?                On-going
How?                  Google Classroom Code:  kxbvkym
Advisor:               Mrs. Leonard, Ms. Haskell, and Mr. Hartford
Rachel’s Challenge:  We are going to come together to create different ways to promote small acts of kindness throughout our school and community. We will generate ideas and then bring them to life.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Wednesdays
How?                   Google Classroom Code:  
Art Club:  Is a place for students of all abilities and levels to hone in on their skills, develop their techniques, collaborate with peers, and create bonds with their school community through the arts, 
Who?                   Open to 7th & 8th grades
When?                 Wednesdays
How?                   Google Class Code:  
Advisor:               Mrs. Forestire
AADA:  Adolescents Against Drugs and Alcohol welcomes students from all grades to make a commitment to be substance free and to actively participate in school and community events to promote the message that being substance free is the healthiest, happiest way to live life.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Wednesdays
How?                    Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:                Mrs. Dempsey
Homework Club:  is a place for students to work on their homework, reading and other projects in a casual setting. Students can work collaboratively and quietly discuss their work. They'll be able to seek support from their peers and the teacher.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
How?                   Students interested should speak with their guidance counselor
Foreign Language Club: Brings students together who want to learn new languages or master the ones they already know.  Students will immerse themselves in cultural activities, movies, and art as they enhance their understanding of new languages.
Who?                   Open to 7th and 8th graders who study Spanish or French
When?                 First Wednesday of every month
How?                   Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:                Mademoiselle/Señorita Dunbar
Simulation Club:  The club introduces students to the fundamentals of leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork through playing simulation, computer and board games. The activities will involve exploring game strategies, game rating, and setting up an esport network.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels- cap of 30 students
When?                Wednesdays
Girls on Fire:  We engage in activities like running, yoga, boot camp and healthy choices to help teach confidence, connection, and positive self -esteem for middle school students. Now, more than ever, the club will focus on the emotions that students may be experiencing and activities will be geared to relieve anxiety and stress through healthy choices.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Tuesdays
How?                   Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:               Mrs. Landro
Junior Community Service Club:  The community service club engages in various activities to support local and national organizations.  We also provide service to our school and town. Volunteering for local organizations like the Food Pantry is the backbone of this club’s mission.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Wednesdays
How?                   Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:               Mrs. Dempsey
Karaoke Club:   is for students who like to sing. Students must be willing to sing either alone or in a small group or with the whole club. Students may help choose the songs. Students can sing alone or in small groups.   This is a club for the entertainer at heart.
Who?                   Open to all grade levels
When?                 Wednesdays & Fridays 2:30pm - 3:15pm (limited to 10 students in person; unlimited virtually)
How?                   Google Classroom Code: 
Advisor:               Ms. Haskell