MS. Eismont - AIS MATH

The AIS program at the middle school is designed to help students reinforce the basic and prerequisite skills needed to successfully achieve the New York State Common Core learning standards. The AIS teachers consult with grade level teachers to identify these skills and develop a curriculum to support them. Lessons and activities are often differentiated so progress is individualized.

Students in 6th grade have been studying whole numbers and decimals, solving word problems, and working with fractions. They have been discussing and applying place value, equivalency, performing operations, comparing, etc. Students in 7th grade have been studying fractions and decimals, including simplifying, equivalency, comparing, and performing operations. They have also been using percentages and proportions to solve consumer math problems such as a discount, sales tax, gratuities, etc.

The majority of students have shown improvements in these areas, compared to their pretests for each topic. Students have also been improving their multiplication fluency through completing weekly "Mad Minutes" and tracking their progress.

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Both 6th-grade and 8th-grade students are currently working on improving their fluency with various drills including multiplication and division facts, integer operations, and exponent drills. The students track their progress and all have shown improvement.

6th-grade students are currently working on fractions. This includes the concept of equivalent fractions which is the basis for adding, subtracting, and simplifying fractions. Students will begin fraction operations with mixed numbers and improper fractions along with word problems in the next few weeks.

8th-grade students are currently working on algebra skills such as order of operations, evaluating expressions, and solving multi-step linear equations. Students have also been working on transformations including the concept of congruence. Students will begin to examine angle relationships in the coming weeks.

All students are pre-tested and post-tested for each topic discussed. The majority of students have shown significant improvement.

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