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To use SchoolTool Student Portal

Step 1: Sign in either using Wizard Launch or the District Website.

Step 2: First you will see your current schedule.

Step 3: Click the Student Record icon next to your name which looks like this:

Image of the profile icon in SchoolTool

Step 4: Go to the Grades tab. 

A Picture of the grades tab in SchoolTool

You will see your last report card. If it is MP1, you will not see grades yet.

Step 5: To view your Progress Report, pull down the menu by VIEW to select Progress Report Grades.

A picture of the view menu within SchoolTool

To view your daily assignments, go to the assignments tab.

A picture of the assignment tab within SchoolTool

Blank means grades are probably in progress. Zeros are assignments that were not turned in. Follow up on those!


Student Portal Instructions

First page of the PDF file: 2021-22_Student_Portal_Instructions_ADA

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