Honor Roll Q&A

Who is eligible for the Honor Roll at Washingtonville Middle School?
Students who earn an 85 average in all courses, with no grade lower than an 80, are eligible to make the Honor Roll. This includes all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. (Note: A grade of incomplete will keep a student off the Honor Roll until the incomplete can be made up and the average can be recomputed.) 

Who is eligible for the High Honor Roll?
Students who earn a 90 average in all courses, with no grade lower than an 85, are eligible to make the High Honor Roll in the 7th and 8th grades. (Note: A grade of incomplete will keep a student off the High Honor Roll until the incomplete can be made up and the average can be recomputed.)

Making the Honor Roll is no easy task! What can a student do to improve his or her grades?
There are lots of steps that students can take to help improve their grades. One option starts with good organizational habits, such as using their planners regularly to record homework assignments, as well as strong study habits, like reviewing their notes each night after school. When students do not understand the material in class, it is a good idea to ask their teachers for extra help. Teachers are available after school and sometimes even during prep periods during the day, and they genuinely want to help! Staying after school regularly for extra help is a great way to make sure that students keep up with their classwork, and staying after a quiz or test is especially helpful.

Another way to improve grades would be to take advantage of peer tutoring from National Junior Honor Society students, which takes place on Thursdays after school at WMS. The NJHS tutoring program is cost-free and the tutoring is given by top achieving 7th and 8th grade students at the school.

While most students benefit from the options above, families can also consider finding a private tutor if additional help is needed in a certain subject area. Guidance counselors can assist families with referrals if requested. 

What is the Three-Time Honor Roll Breakfast?
Those students who make the Honor Roll in Quarters 1, 2 and 3 of the school year are invited to attend a Three-Time Honor Roll Breakfast held in their honor. Families are also invited to attend this event, which is typically held in May. The infamous Washingtonville Honor Roll bumper stickers are handed out at this breakfast ceremony. 

What is the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)?
The NJHS is an honorary service club at the Middle School in which members must uphold high standards of scholarship, character, citizenship, leadership, and service. Initial scholarship eligibility for induction in 7th or 8th grade is an average greater than or equal to 93.0% across the five major subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language. Students who meet the initial scholarship requirement may apply for membership by filling out and submitting a student activity form to the Faculty Council. During the selection process, students need to provide evidence of community service activities such as volunteering (i.e. scouting, food pantry, library programs, camps). Examples of leadership roles could include team captains and elected officers in clubs or other organizations. After the Faculty Council reviews all applications, selected students are formally inducted into the NJHS in June. Those 7th-grade students inducted will do service during their 8th-grade year.