Grade 6 FAQ


How are students placed on teams in the sixth grade?
Each team is made up of students of all ability levels, a balanced distribution of students from each elementary school, and an equal number of boys and girls.

How do students know where to go on the first day of school?
All sixth grade students will report directly to the auditorium on the first day of school. Parents who have volunteered as “greeters” will also help students find their way.

Do students meet their school counselors?
The counselors meet briefly with each sixth grade student in the early fall to introduce themselves and learn more about new students. 

How do parents communicate with their child’s teacher/counselor?
If you have a specific question, you can call, e-mail or send in a note to the specific teacher or counselor. 

How can parents and students check grades?
Parents can use the Parent Portal to check grades, report cards, progress reports and assignments. Students will also have their own Student Portal account to view the same grade information.

How do students get their locks and lockers?
Students are assigned a locker on the first day of school. Student lockers are located as near as possible to the student’s team. Two locks are needed: 1 for the hall locker and 1 for P.E. 

How are students informed of school rules and regulations?
The school planner includes the rules and regulations, and will be given to each student on the first day. Sixth grade homeroom teachers will then review the rules and important details in the planner.


Will I get lost in the Middle School?
During the first few days of school, your teachers will walk with you between classes to be sure you get to the right place. Once you have a routine, it is unlikely that you will get lost. If you have a question about where something is, you can easily find a hall monitor, teacher, or school safety officer nearby.

Do I need to change for P.E.?
You will have P.E. every other day. You are expected to bring a change of clothes and a lock to secure your personal items in the locker room while you participate.

How do I know which team I am on?
In August you will receive a letter indicating which team you’ve been placed on, as well as a supply list for the upcoming school year.

Who is my school counselor?
Counselors for sixth graders listed on the main page. 

What will I need to bring for the first day of school?
Your team letter in August will provide you with the list of specific supplies required by your team. The middle school website will show a list of general supplies. On the first day make sure you bring your supplies, and lunch or lunch money. Bags and backpacks should be small enough to fit into a locker. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to carry them during the school day.

When do I get to learn a new foreign language?
Students will begin their foreign language experience in seventh grade by choosing either Spanish or French.

How do band and chorus work?
Students are scheduled for band and/or chorus every other day. Instrumental lessons for band require that students come out of their classes on a rotating schedule so that they do not miss the same class each time.

Can I bring a cell phone or other electronic device to school?
Phones, iPods and other handheld video games or music are not permitted to be used during the school day. Cell phones must also be turned off and remain out of sight during the school day. Telephones are available for student use in the main office and health office.

Where do I find my bus?
Pay close attention to where you are dropped off in the morning. Your bus should line up in the same location. Know your route number, as this will not change. Buses may occasionally be swapped for maintenance but the route number on the hood of the bus will always reflect the correct route number.

What is the late bus?
The daily late bus leaves at 4:00 pm. Middle school students who are staying after school for extra help or other school-related functions must get a pass from a middle school staff member to ride the late bus.