WMS honors eighth-graders in moving up ceremony

WMS honors eighth-graders in moving up ceremony

A perfect summer day brought beautiful weather on the morning of Washingtonville Middle School's moving up ceremony for its eighth-grade class. 

The ceremony began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Eva Ridgeway, who is the president of the National Junior Honor Society, followed by opening remarks from Principal Teresa Thompson, who shared her well wishes for the students in their upcoming high school journey. 

A photo gallery from the event can be viewed here.

“Our students entered middle school as curious, eager young minds, and today they leave as confident, capable young adults,” said Ms. Thompson. “They face challenges, overcome obstacles, and embrace opportunities with determination and grace. Middle school is a time of profound change. It’s where you begin to discover who you are, where friendships are forged, and where you start to understand your passions and potential. High school will bring new challenges and opportunities. Embrace them with the same enthusiasm and resilience you’ve shown here. Your journey is just beginning and we cannot wait to see all the amazing things that you will accomplish.”

In addition, to each eighth-grade student being recognized with a certificate, select students were given academic awards in specific areas, including English, social studies, math, and science, as well as Student Distinction Awards which included the Heart of Gold awards and the Heart of Gold Humanitarian Award in honor of Don Dame. 

Please see a list of all students who were given academic awards below.

A photo gallery from the event can be viewed here.

George Rhodes Accelerated Awards
Eva Ridgeway, Nigel Fianko- Ayeh

George Rhodes Non-Accelerated Awards
Fiona Flynn, Benjamin Fox

Comptroller Award
Violet Vergilis

Triple C Award
Carolyn Jonza

Best Effort English
Juliana Serrano, Isabella Micheletti, Maria De La Rosa Diaz,Gia Myrick

Excellence English 
Katelyn Furnari, Tristan Patterson, Addison DenBleyker, Evelyn Baquera

Best Effort Social Studies
Fabien Zulme, Angelo Ventura, Eilynn Sandobal, Keith VanDunk

Excellence Social Studies
Justin Juarez, Caiden Polowin, Nicholas Garafola, Mia Maldonado

Best Effort Math
Nicholas Punch, Neala Olmedo, Alyssa Brill, Austin Parchen

Excellence Math
Richmard Jean, Ryan Ramos, Noah Vila, Jack Toribio

Best Effort Algebra
Evan Bowes, Dylan Collado

Excellence Algebra
Nicole Kysylytsya, Chloe Colon

Best Effort Science
Mia Spisany, Briana Brito, Nicholas Miksa, Diana Zamudio

Excellence Science
Kacper Zbikowski, Patricia Vega, Miray Ayoub

Best Effort Living Environment
Lilian Korba, Isabelle Beams

Excellence Living Environment
Adam Watad, Robert Dziedzic

Best Effort World Language-Spanish
Noor Watad, Emily De Castro, Lughie Charles

Excellence- Spanish
Elizabeth Gillman, Chloe Czarnecki, Hannah Pitkin 

Best Effort World Language- French
Sydney Lozza

Excellence World Langauge- French
Ann Ghael Petit Frere

Excellence- Art
Kaelani Curbelo, Hannah Aprile, Ariana Bradshaw, Stella Ramm

Excellence Family & Consumer Science
Thomas Scott , Amyah Johnson, Madison Flores, Natalie Fontana

Excellence Technology
Benjamin Dookhie, Kira Baran, Delonte Beckford, Jenai Johnson

Outstanding Instrumentalist
Serena Beazer

Most Improved Instrumentalist
Angelina Colon

Outstanding Effort Instrumental Music
Siobhan Morrison

Outstanding Vocalist
Nicholas Valdes

Most Improved Vocalist
Alaina Matovic

Outstanding Effort Vocal Music
Manuel Thomas Jr.

Excellence Physical Education
Irelynn Troast, Cornelius Small

Sportsmanship Physical Education
Debbie Parraga Valdivieso, James Cipriani

Mike Purcell Sportsmanship Award
Ellie Saltz

John Bogle Excellence Award
Emily Outly

Deb Sewell Leadership Award
Lily Tietjen

Heart of Gold Award
Carolyn Jonza, Aniyah Dario, Stella Ramm, Angelo Ventura, Michael Kelly, Patricia Vega, Jayke Godoy, Lughie Charles, Lillian Korba, Justin Juarez, Michael Rodriguez Mendez, Lillian Korba, Irelynn Troast, Juliet Merejo, Mikaela Sepulveda, Aramis Singer, Austin Parchen, Bode Goldsmith, Finn O’Brien, Brian Brito, Andrew Reyes, Emily De Castro

Heart of Gold Humanitarian Award in honor of Don Dame
Syeda Ibnat

A photo gallery from the event can be viewed here.