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The Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH) requires medical clearance for individuals to return to school following a quarantine. 

For individuals who test positive for COVID, and/or those placed in quarantine for an exposure outside of school, a release letter from an outside medical provider is still required to return to school. 

However, under revised guidance from the OCDOH, and the approval of the district’s Medical Director, there is a change in the release protocol for individuals quarantined by the district, following exposure to a positive case in the school setting. This change goes into effect starting March 82021, and does not apply to individuals placed on school quarantine prior to that date. 

Students, faculty and staff placed in quarantine due to a school exposure may continue to submit an outside provider’s release note OR complete a “Screening Release Form from School Quarantine” to be cleared to return to school. By submitting the screening form below, individuals attest their compliance with quarantine guidelines and the absence of symptoms. Please note that forms are school- and/or staff-specific. Parents/guardians, if you have any questions, please contact your child’s school nurse.


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